J E A N  R O B I N S O N


 Winner of the MCA-I Silver Reel Award

Jean Robinson is a talented and creative award-winning video producer with television,

documentary, journalism, Internet and corporate experience.

Video is in my Veins


Thanks for visiting my website. I’m an award-winning video producer, editor & writer. Video has always played an important part of my life. As a child, I was fascinated with television and journalism. I conducted my first interview at age 14. By the time I was in high school, I had interviewed numerous local personalities--even a major presidential candidate. As a full-time college student at Cleveland State University, I worked full-time at the local ABC TV station. One month before I graduated I won an Emmy Award.

Since then, I was a popular TV news reporter/producer/editor.


Later, I left TV news to make more creative videos. I produced several award-winning documentaries for network & cable television. I have experience with the non-profits and I’ve managed the video department for a corporation.


I’m also a firm believer in giving back. I enjoy mentoring interns and a Facebook page I created to support video producers currently has close to 400 members. Yay!


I Admit it, I’m a Nerd


I go ga-ga over tech gadgets and I drool over drones.  Currently, I am crazy about virtual reality. I feel it could be the next big thing for video production. I am a proud active member of several local VR groups. One of my goals is to produce virtual reality videos—especial travel videos since I love globetrotting. So far, I have been to 35 US states and 5 out of the 7 world continents.

I am a firm believer in life-long learning because knowledge is exciting. I enjoy spending time in libraries and bookstores and I read over 100 non-fiction books a year.  When I’m not reading, I’m writing. I don’t go anywhere without a notebook to jot down ideas and experiences.


When I’m not working, traveling, reading or writing, my head is in the clouds...or should I say the stars. I’m a diehard sci-fi fan. My favorite TV show is Doctor Who. I have been known to attend Trek conventions and hunt Pokémon. I am also a huge fan of NASA and I have been fortunate to attend their media events. I’m looking forward to the next eclipse.


I Love Working


I was born to work and it’s obvious since I’m usually the happiest person in the office. I love being involved with projects—big and small.  I’m a team player, a self-starter and I always find a way to add a touch of creativity to everything I do. Since I have interviewed thousands of people, I have great people skills. I especially enjoy field producing. I have traveled across the US and around the world producing Internet videos and short documentaries. You don’t have to ask me twice to go on a business trip. I’m willing to travel any day and at any time.


Scroll down to see a montage of some of the videos I have wrote, directed and produced.

A montage of video projects produced, written and directed by Jean Robinson

Jean Robinson has traveled across the US and around the world producing  a wide variety of videos . She is especially interested in documentaries, TV/reality,  Internet content, travel related videos & virtual reality.  Jean is willing to relocate and is eager to bring her creativity and enthusiasm to your team. 

Contact her at: 

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